After an honorable discharge from the Armed Forces, young Ernest J. O'Neal was united in Holy Matrimony to a young lady by the name of Lula, both of whom heard the minister say, "Whom God has joined together, let no man put asunder." Since this day, E. J. and Lula O'Neal have labored for unanimously for five decades for the one common cause to serve the Lord.

While attending school and serving in another religious persuasion as a Deacon, Choir President, and Usher Board Advisor, young Ernest was saved and baptized with the Holy Ghost at a revival service at McGlothen Temple-COGIC in Richmond, CA. (1950).

Ernest answered the call to the Ministry and offered his his first message 'Behold The Lamb of God' on March 7, 1952 at his home church in Redwood City, CA. under the tutorage of Pastor H.C. Johnson.

The Community South of Redwood City proper has been greatly enriched through the efforts of two dedicated servants (Elder & Sister E. J. O'Neal) who said "Yes" to the Heavenly Calling.

Prior to the erection of the Little Flock edifice, there was a dire need for some community unification and with proper church sanctioning, a newly ordained minister and his wife purchased property and moved in the vicinity where much prayer was also needed.

Observing the drastic need for community development, Elder & Sister O'Neal followed a devised plan and succeeded in getting paved streets, sidewalks, street lights in needed places, safety crosswalks, proper fire protection and badly needed traffic signs.

After the completion of community needs, a Mission was established in the home of Elder & Sister O'Neal with seven neighborhood children, with an official opening on August 6, 1955.

Within one year and four months, the foundation was laid for the building of what is presently known as Little Flock, Church of God in Christ, Inc. With volunteer labor from people in the community and friends, under the direction of Mr. J. L. Martin and Pastor O'Neal, the first service was offered on Christmas morning of 1957 at sunrise.

Again, hearing His Divine Call, Ernest converted his studies from CPA to correspondent religious studies with Burton's Theological Seminary, and transferred to the America Bible Institute where he earned a Bachelor of Bible Philosophy in 1976.

After his return from a trip to the Holy Lands, young Ernest continued his pursue of higher learning from American Bible Institute in conjunction with business studies from Anthony Real Estate School and the College of San Mateo. He also met the requirements to pursue the specialized course of study of the highly steemed Real State studies and eventually earned the highly regarding designated GRI in Real Estate, in addition to his Master of Bible Philosophy from ABI in 1978.

Meanwhile he worked diligently with the church in various positions such as District Union Meeting Secretary. For 15 years he served as District Secretary in conjunction with Assistant Superintendent of the San José District with Superintendent Mathis.

Ernest later served the Ecclesiastic Jurisdiction of Northern California as State Sunday School Superintendent, State Financial Secretary, State Executive Secretary of Missions, Correspondent Secretary of the Executive Board, and General District Superintendent of the New Horizon District.

After thirty (30) years with the Northern California Ecclesiastic Jurisdiction, Superintendent O'Neal transferred his church and district members to California Northwest Ecclesiastic Jurisdiction, wherein he was appointed and served as State Chairman of the Advisory Board, State Secretary of the National Tithing System, State Union Meeting Secretary, and eventually was appointed as State Executive Secretary.

During the years of local, district and jurisdictional appointments, Superintendent O'Neal was selected to work in the National Office of Finance and after working twenty years in this area, he was eventually appointed, and currently serves as Assistant International Treasurer for The Church Of God In Christ, Inc. During the course of this effort his secular affiliations included serving a span of time as Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce (Public Relations Chairman), Chairman of Spiritual Aims for Kiwanis Service Club and General Treasurer for Citizens Against Racism of the Peninsula.

His many years of affiliation with the C.H. Mason System of Bible Colleges, and the author of four books of Biblical research, has earned him a Bachelor of Theology from Charles Harris Mason System of Bible Colleges, and a Doctorate of Divinity from Trinity Hall Theological Seminary.

This community leader and learned theologian has aided many families, economically, educationally and spiritually. Some families have come and gone, and always Pastor E.J. O'Neal remains and retains his title Visionary, Educator, Community Champion, Founder, Builder, and Pastor.

Deacon Gill, Minister Shines, and Pastor discuss matters of future progress.

In Ministry for the Lord.

Pastor O'Neal performing the Holy Sacrament of Baptism.

Baptism by submersion.

Speaking the word of the Lord to the Little Flock members.


Accomplishments & Earned Titles:
- A.A. (Business Administration)
- Graduate of Realtor's Institute (GRI)
- Minister
- Elder
- Pastor
- Superintendent
- Executive Secretary
- Administrative Assistant

Ernest has been awarded and cited by many other institutions, and has to his credit:

- A Good Conduct Ribbon from the Armed Forces (1947)
- Who's Who In Religion (1968)
- Personalities of the West in outstanding Community Services (ABI 1968)
- Thirty Year Service Award from Veteran's Administration
- Service Award from Society of Distinguished American High School Students (1977 and 1978)
- Special Achievement Award for outstanding services in the Community
- National and International from Dickerson Brothers (1976)
- Special tribute Award and the Distinguished Service Award from COGIC, Inc. Religious Workers Guild (1976 & 1990)