Today, we are here not only to honor our pastor, but also to honor the one who has stood behind this great man of whom you have heard so many wonderful things.

It is often said that behind every great man, there is a great woman. We know this to be true of our beloved pastor's wife. Just as we call Elder O'Neal "Pop", Sister O'Neal, at Little Flock, is known as "Mom". And if you allow her to , she will treat you just as her own. She can tell you how to dress, and exactly how to match everything up as she is "very fashionable". If you don't have the clothes to wear, just try going to Mom's house -- an no matter what size you may wear, I can almost guarantee you that you will leave there looking real good. She is gifted with being very creative, knowing how to take apart and put together just as needed.

Mom is a woman who believes in prayer and who loves to especially help people get to church. She loves to help wherever she can, and when she can, she will fuss a little bit. Isn't that just like a Mom? You just can't help but love her. No matter what she says or does it's all right because we know that her every word and action is mixed with love.

And, of course, when you sit at her table, every ingredient is mixed so well that you sometimes forget temperance. When you enter her home, she rolls out an invisible red carpet; and because she is such a perfect hostess, the time to go home draws near so fast that you wish that the hour had just begun.

Now, this woman of whom we are speaking, is that same one who stood by her husband years ago through all that was mentioned of our dear pastor, Elder O'Neal. We thank the Lord for Mom O'Neal, and tonight we all join in saying, "We love you and we pray that God will bless you the more as being a perfect example to us all."

Compiled by Mrs. Mildred Higdon

Contributed by Young Women Christian Council of Little Flock - Church of God In Christ

Mom O'Neal and Sunday School's Adminitrator and Secretary  
Mom O'Neal, her Mother in Law, and daughter.

Mom O'Neal and Judy