Little Flock - Church of God in Christ acquired its present name "LITTLE FLOCK" by the divine leading of the Lord. The church started in July of 1955 with seven neighborhood children in the home of Pastor E. J. O'Neal and his wife Lula.

This effort commenced September 29th, 1955 when they had their first Sunday School session. The church continued its progress with Sunday School in the morning and church in the evening and the Lord blessed them to grow in number. They secured Forester's Hall in Redwood City to accomodate the group for night services, but they continued Sunday School at home. After an unexpected setback of tribulations, yet with determination and favor with God they gained an entirely new congregation; this group was inspired to build a house for God.

Pastor O'Neal and his group of volunteers layed the foundation for Little Flock in an area that was previously a nursery. By faith they worked on this endeavor knowing that the Lord would not forsake them. It was on December 29, 1956, in wind and rain, the foundation was poured by the Pastor, along with Brother Martin and Brother Edward Knight. Month by month the Lord supplied means for continued construction, and the group labored fervently. On December 25th, 1957 at 6:00 a.m. the Little Flock members marched into their building to hold their first service.

The donations poured in by members and friends of Little Flock to add to the furniture and building fixtures. Pastor O'Neal and Little Flock members were grateful for the generosity that was provided through God to fortify this house of worship.


Church Building in Redwood City

A House of Refuge. A place where spiritual strength is renewed, for encouragement, where grief is relieved, a hopeful outlook is given. A place where Biblical knowledge is available in abundance and the word of God is proclaimed weekly.


Little Flock's Administration Building

The Administration Building offers a place for administrating the corporate affairs of the church, and various training activities.


Little Flock's Transportation

These vehicles provide needed transportation for parishioners to and from church, and other church and community related activities.